MDGram is an UNOFFICIAL messaging application that uses the Telegram API

Today, in this digital world we use different tools and platforms for ease of communication. With these comes an amazing messaging app MDGram Apk. It was developed by Richar C. It is available on Google Play Store and with fully secured Telegram API available only for Android Users.

This app has so many distinct features that we can simply communicate by messaging our friends, family members, group chats movies, audio messaging, and pictures. Even it gives access to sharing documents, official paperwork, and many more.

MDGram has great performance and improved security. It has outstanding design in home and conversation style too.

Features Of MDGram

  • Home UI design 2 styles
  • UI telegram ios
  • UI Telegram Material You
  • Conversation screen design 2 styles
  • MDGram Settings Design
  • Possibility to change the font
  • Possibility of using emojis with ttf extension chat bubble styles
  • Possibility to change the size of stickers
  • Possibility to translate your messages
  • Possibility of direct forwarding from MDGramYou to other Apps such as WhatsApp, Viber, Messenger.
  • Possibility of direct forwarding from MDGramYou to other Apps such as WhatsApp, Viber, Messenger. Search bar.
  • Option to put your contact profile photos and in general circulate / rounded
  • Possibility of putting Name in the title of the Home
  • Possibility to choose the style of the application icon
  • App Icon Launcher compatible with Android 12 MaterialYou.
  • Ability to choose chat actionbar style
  • And much more to discover.

Personalized style​

MD Gram messaging App comes with a beautiful user-interfaced design and also has all the beneficial input of Telegram API.​

Simple UI

The developers have made so many enhancements that bring its user-friendly interface and superior user experience.

iOS Style​

MD Gram comes with Material You and IOS design style.​

Modify Theme

It comes with redesigned chat bubbles, a home screen, chats, settings, and icons. Also, it gives automatic translation options and customized emoji font. This app gives us the freedom to modify the themes as per our preferences.​

Completely Virus Free​

This app is extremely safe and virus-free making it so secure to communicate. It has a diverse chat bubbles design which comes with colored themes.​

Customize Freely

It has the fabulous feature of directly forwarding MD Gram content to other messenger applications. It gives us the freedom to choose the style of app icons, to put the name in the title of the home, to change the font style, and to choose the chat action-bar style too.​​


In this digital age, communication has been made developing relations, sharing of information and getting engaged with each other through smartphones and other messaging apps. MD Gram app proved out to be perfect game player in this. It’s available as an Apk file user can be easily downloaded and set to use. MD Gram is simple and stylish with no money to be invested to access its services. And hence it came out to be best messaging alternative with great experience to use.